SQL Server – When is a new database appropriate?

I frequently get requests from our developers to create new databases.  This is no biggie, and using the Standardising new database creation using Powershell and SMO scripts takes no time at all to implement.  However, something that usually isn’t considered at the point of a request is: why do we need a new database?

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SQL Server – Delayed Durability and Log Flushes

This one stems from a an interesting discussion around Delayed Durability and In Memory OLTP on LinkedIn, looking at how Delayed Durability might be the winner for performance that In Memory OLTP is billed to be.  I think they have different purposes, but simply to improve throughput on specific workload types involving very high volume single record transactions, Delayed Durability could be a viable performance winner for you, with one caveat: you absolutely must be comfortable with some data loss.

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